CZECH TRADITION brings you performances of folklore ensembles and pipe bands from various regions of south-western Bohemia, mostly from the environs of the town Pilsen and from Chodsko. We cooperate especially with the Pilsner "Soubor písní a tanců JISKRA" and with "Malá dudácká muzika z Plzně", but also with ensembles which cover the folklore from other regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

We will arrange folklore programmes for you, indoor and outdoor performances at big public events as well as small private events (product presentations, company parties, family anniversaries, etc.) exactly according to your conceptions and requirements. We will provide various performances according to the particular conditions and to the character of the event.

Besides standard events, we are able to give such an event like, e.g., Old-Czech ball, carnival parade and dance, vintage, harvest festival, feast, etc., in your town or village.

We are ready for the Advent session as well. We offer you a performance of a folklore ensemble with traditional Christmas songs at Christmas trades, on the occasion of lighting up the Christmas trees, etc.