Old-Prague Band - Těžká pára

CZECH TRADITION offers performances of the band "TĚŽKÁ PÁRA", whose repertoire includes an inexhaustible number of Old-Prague cabaret songs, traditional as well as arranged songs. But, at the same time, this band crosses the limits of the city Prague and other city folklore and delights its listeners with folk songs, pub songs and songs of the Czech countryside.

This band is suitable for both big public events (town festivities, carnivals, feasts, vintages, harvest festivals, etc.) and small private events (company parties, family anniversaries, etc.). We will provide various performances according to the particular conditions and to the character of the event.

Těžká Pára can boast not only about a countless number of domestic performances, but also about performances at abroad travel fairs in Germany, in the Netherlands, Russia, Cyprus and at the World's Fair EXPO in the Chinese city Shanghai.